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Enterprise Ireland is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets. We work in partnership with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate and win export sales in global markets. In this way, we support sustainable economic growth, regional development and secure employment.
Born in Dublin, FRANKMAN is an expert male personal care company. We manufacture hair styling products that speaks a language men can relate to and engage with, frank and to the point. Our products contain only the finest ingredients but positioned in the marketplace to be very accessible. Following two years of research and R&D, we are excited to bring this new brand to a growing men’s market in Poland.
Staleks operates a modern full-cycle fabrication facility, where production processes span from preparation of metal bars to packaging of ready product. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with hi-tech machinery by leading American, German, Italian and Japanese brands. Use of the state of the art equipment guarantees ultimate product quality and eases even the most challenging technological tasks. Furthermore, certain machines and equipment are designed within the company and manufactured either in our workshop or as a custom order by our overseas partners. Staleks manufacturing facilities have over 1700 machines in 13 production units. Some processes require extra precision and meticulousness that machinery, no matter how sophisticated, cannot provide. That is why, for instance, all sharpening operations are exclusively manual. Due to specifics and peculiarities of the manicure instrument manufacturing we have introduced custom training programs for our staff. Upon completion of the training course our employees have all necessary knowledge and skills required for high-quality, efficient work. We employ over 1,100 skilled professionals that contribute to the daily output of about 6000 product units. Our product range has over 40 items: from professional manicure instruments to leather accessories. We manufacture more than 2,000,000 production units annually, and every year our capacity is growing. Staleks is the next generation technology meeting utter professionalism – the ultimate combination for making perfect tools. We at Staleks dedicate ourselves to the product quality. Our production cycle includes input and output quality assurance processes. Quality of incoming raw materials is checked at the certified labs where physical and chemical aspects of steel are analyzed. Stainless medical grade steel imported from Spain is used for all instrument manufacturing. This sort of steel is exceptionally resistant to corrosion and has unmatched hardness, ensuring long-lasting sharpness. We use such steel for both professional and home use ranges of our instrument. Output quality assurance is performed by our QC department. QC specialists check all products for compliance with regulations and standards.We are constantly working on improving quality assurance procedures, so the QC department workers are periodically attending workshops and seminars by prominent beauty professionals to learn about peculiarities of use of various instruments. All that increases thoroughness of all tests and checks performed. If defects are found, the instrument is returned for rework. This meticulous approach guarantees that only high-quality products meeting all standards find their way to the market. Staleks has implemented ISO 9001:2015, an efficient quality management system compliant with international standards. Competent work cycle management is the key factor for manufacturing top notch products. Staleks is, first of all, instruments of unquestionable quality.
Veoli Botanica products are targeted at informed women who value the power of nature and at the same time appreciate the latest achievements in the field of natural cosmetology. Thanks to their formula, our products are luxury cosmetics that interact with our senses with their fragrance, beautiful looks, and effectiveness. Highly concentrated active ingredients created using the latest discoveries of biotechnology make them irreplaceable in everyday care. If you use them systematically, we can guarantee that you will get long-lasting effects. We select only natural raw plant materials for their production and make certain that they have appropriate certificates: they all come from controlled plantations. All our products are vegan. Veoli Botanica prioritizes offering you effective cosmetics of the highest quality. This is visible even on the level of packaging: all containers are made of pharmaceutical glass that makes penetration by the harmful substances impossible. As we draw from nature, we feel obligated to care of it. Thus, all Veola Botanica containers are recyclable.

W 1937 roku Alfred Woelbing opracował unikatową formułę balsamu do ust zawierającą starannie dobraną mieszankę kojącej kamfory, masła z nasion kakaowca i mentolu odpowiedzialnego za znane fanom balsamu mrowienie.

Te balsamy pokochali już mieszkańcy ponad 37 krajów, w tym Polacy! Jego popularność jest wynikiem przede wszystkim niezwykłej skuteczności. Unikalna i sprawdzona receptura sprawia, że balsamy Carmex nie mają sobie równych w pielęgnacji i ochronie delikatnej skóry ust.

Rodzinna firma Carmex Labs stała się znaną i cenioną międzynarodową marką. Co godzinę, na całym świecie, sprzedaje się prawie 11 000 szt. słoiczków, tubek i sztyftów. Niezmiennie od 21 lat Carmex to najczęściej polecany przez farmaceutów w USA balsam do ust.